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Magmio is an FPGA-based system for ultra-low latency trading.
The pure hardware solution enables you to trade at nanosecond-level latencies. Magmio is versatile, quick to launch, and doesn’t require any FPGA expertise on your part.

Why Magmio?

Ultra-Low Latency

Are you ready to get from microseconds to nanoseconds? With our hardware solution, you can achieve latency below 100ns for trigger-based strategies and below 350ns with book building and more complex strategies.

C++ programmability

Time is money, so spare yourself years of costly development. Just create your trading algorithm in C/C++ and convert it into FPGA using Magmio. In a few weeks, you can trade on the new platform with no FPGA knowledge whatsoever.


Get the best of both worlds – we deliver a basic turnkey solution with advanced custom adjustments. Different exchanges, order types, or new features are no obstacle. You will always receive a tailored solution. Only specify your requirements, that’s all.

Easy start & consulting

Do you have concerns? Ask us anything. We offer you comprehensive consulting, a whole scale of functional testing with the Magmio Software simulator, and an evaluation of your current trading algorithm (in C++) with an HLS compiler.

What you can count on

Long-term partnership

You will gain a reliable business partner. We are committed to overcoming any of your future challenges. No lasting success comes overnight – we are in this together.

Supportive team

A personal approach is necessary even in the technology field. Our team provides not only technical insight but also a human understanding of your requirements and needs.


You can see our results. Since 2012, we have been working with various prop trading firms of all sizes. No matter if from Europe, the United States, or India.

Supported Exchanges

CME Group
Borsa Istanbul
EX eurex





Sochorova 3226/40
616 00 Brno, Czechia

+420 530 505 960 (EU)
+1 (872) 444-6821 (USA)
[email protected]

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